Window design for Bershka BYDP

Dutch product- and interior designers Siebring & Zoetmulder collaborated with pattern designers LileSadi to create ‘Daily Gems’ a cabinet that is not only a functional organizer  but a platform for a beautiful material collage – or how they like to see it, a physical and material still life.

The two studios combined their aesthetics to create an atmosphere that represents a delicate universe with a minimalistic touch. The graphic patterns and soft colours of the collection of LileSadi matches well with the raw and light aspect of the proportions and materialization of S&Z.

‘We combined the best of both worlds. Creating a design with a multi disciplinary background, we believe through collaborating and focusing on our individual skillsets we can create better and more in-depth design”.

bydp bershka lilesadi siebring zoetmulder

Sierbing & Zoetmulder + Lilesadi window design for Bershka bydp

Now they will present their work at the window displays worldwide at Bershka as part of B.Y.D.P. (Bershka Young Designers Project).

Every season Bershka gives young talent the opportunity to exhibit their work in Bershka stores. This is their fifth collaboration and we are pleased to say it is with “DailyGems”! This design is created in collaboration of 2 studios based in Rotterdam: Siebring & Zoetmulder + Lilesadi. Their designs will be on display in 18 flagship stores worldwide starting 1th of July!

 “It was a pleasure that the team of Bershka came to visit us in our studios in Rotterdam, to meet and interview us personally. We had the possibility to tell more about our project, about our city and the collaboration. Do not miss the movie of interview and dive into our Dutch creative spirit!”

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Bershka window bydp

Sierbing & Zoetmulder + Lilesadi window design for Bershka bydp

Their first collaborative product, the ‘Daily Gems’ cabinet is not only a functional organizer, but also a playground for aesthetic compositions of materials, structures and shapes. Suddenly daily artifacts become part of what looks like a classical Dutch still life painting, the concept that gives roots to the name ‘Daily Gems’.”

Their cabinet features two boxes cleverly juxtaposed and interconnected, creating interesting and functional spaces. The boxes are designed with beautifully milled lines all around the cabinet. They create a subtle pattern and rhythm, serving as rails for several different materials.

The materials were carefully selected and hand-crafted. Each one tells its own narrative: circular screen-printed mirrors, a perforated recycled metal square, a brass triangle with rain drops from Rotterdam and a hand-made cobalt blue porcelain circle.

The cabinet can be turned by 360 degrees and attached to the wall in 4 different positions, allowing one to create a truly personal piece of furniture.
‘Daily Gems’ is available from 290 Euro at selected retailers and at the Online Shop of LileSadi

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Sierbing & Zoetmulder + Lilesadi window design for Bershka BYDP Antwerp and Madrid



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