Daily Gems

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Daily Gems
The Daily Gems is a stark designed wall cabinet wherewith a collage on the wall can be made. The boxes are smartly connected through which new functional spaces are created. The boxes are designed with beautifully milled lines all around. They create a subtle pattern and rhythm, serving as rails for several different materials. The materials together with your daily artifacts become part of what looks like a classical Dutch still life painting, the concept that gives roots to the name ‘Daily Gems’.

The Daily Gems is made of high quality birch plywood and can be invisibly attached to the wall. The Daily Gems can be ordered together with a material set. Together with textile and pattern designers LileSadi we designed these materials. One set exists out of two elements, the elements designed are a mirror with a pattern, a handmade porcelain circle, a screen printed wooden hexagon and a brass triangle.

product: Daily Gems
design: Siebring & Zoetmulder + LileSadi
material: high quality birch plywood
finish: mat varnish
Measures: +/- 69 x 40 x  30 cm
pictures: Holly Marder
suggested retail price: from €290,-
For sale: info@siebringzoetmulder.nl 


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