GEMS for Puik art

gems blauw, wandkast, blind opgangen, helianthe jonker, menu, boxen, collage, roze, design

Gems’ shelf

The ‘Gems’ shelf features two boxes cleverly juxtaposed and interconnected, creating interesting and functional spaces. This minimalist, flexible wall shelf is made of interlocking cube sections of ash. The shelf can be attached to the wall in 4 different positions, allowing one to create a truly personal piece of furniture. Beautifully milled lines, which create a subtle pattern and rhythm, also serve as rails, which enable the display of daily artifacts.The visible texture of the woodgrain adds depth and a natural calm detail to the furniture.

Available in ashy grey-blue and eclectic dark petrol.
Material: Ash Wood
Price € 199,95
For sale:
Photo credits: Pim van Baalen