Porcelain drops

Porcelain Drops zijn handgemaakte porseleinen oorbellen Siebring & Zoetmulder

Porcelain Drops

Porcelain drops are handmade porcelain earrings. handpoored and painted in Delft. The design is inspired on reflections of the sky seen in the canals. Each pair is a unique Delft Blue. The design is partly matt and partly shiny, which shows the idea of the movement of the water.
The earrings are porcelain drops with a silver back. Each product is handmade by the designer, so each piece is unique. There are a light and dark blue version.

product: Porcelain Drops
design: Elise Zoetmulder
material: Porcelain and silver
measures: dia 6mm, lenght 14mm
photo’s: Holly Marder
price: €29,-
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