Flexible design in old train depot Berlin


Siebring & Zoetmulder are next to product designers also interior architects. In September we have made a concept design to renovate an old train depot to an office.

Firstly we zoomed out and analysed the surroundings. As we believe they add value to the story of the location. Secondly the location holds a lot of authentic features that are fundamental to the whole atmosphere. Next to that the way you walk through the location and the journey to the place are part of the way you experience the place. Inspired on this experience we proposed a design which is playful, functional and beautiful. Like we believe art and function come together to create poetic design. We proposed to upscale our small furniture to an extra large scale in the shape of massive interior furniture pieces. To be able to walk through or on them.

Analysis surroundings

What interest us is the architectural heritage from Le corbusier found close by. Also the authentic brickwork found at the local train station. Next to that the atmospheric route with different layers which brings you to the location adds to the total experience.


The location itself holds a lot of natural atmosphere, because of the excisting original industrial features. The feeling of an oase is created with all the green enclosed space and a lot of natural light. Because of the way the place is located it feels on an edge, but pure. It creates the mood and feel you get during urban exploring. The feeling of finding a constructivistic artpiece in the lines and directions of roofconstruction.


The idea is to create a smart and modulair design which excits out of various levels. Using this layering of function the space can be flexible. In constrast of the industrial enclosed oase we create a playfull clear space with basic natural materials and bring the green plants inside.

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